A Brief Twitterlude

twitter-something-is-technically-wrongSure. I could blame my short blogging absence on all of the family I have been hosting over this past week. That’s right. I could make them the scape goat. (And yeah, it IS kind of their fault, which I mean in the nicest way, because family is faaar more important than our blogs anyway… right?) But this absence really isn’t their fault. No.  It was something else.

I blame that fancy bit of recently hip social media called Twitter.

Now it’s not as if I have been exactly tweeting like a crazy woman all this time either. Like I said, family has been in town. I haven’t had all that much “one on one” snuggle time with my PC really. But when I DID have time, what did I do? I reduced what could have been perfectly entertaining and interesting posts of about two or three paragraphs…  into 140 characters.

I mean, come on now. I’d like to fancy myself a writer. And blogging is the BEST thing ever for a writer. No one edits you, you just rock it, write it out, say what you want. Such freedom. It is NOT a task. It is never a chore. Blogging is something I relish. So writing a funny two or three paragraph post about something quirky that happened that day is HARDLY work.

And yet, I chose to spend what little time I had to tweet it instead. Bad. So bad. I mean, it even takes some thinking and intellectual wrangling to get that true intention captured in 140 characters. Its like a challenge. Lets see how I can mush an entire afternoon into one sentence.

Ugh. The writer in me is simply disgusted.

Tweeting is NOT blogging.

And choosing to tweet rather than blog when I had the time simply dimmed the lights around here for far too long. (I know its only been about a week but to ME, that’s a blogger’s eternity.)

I can’t help but think of that song “Video Killed the Radio Star.”

NO I am NOT a blogging star but still, just like the twitter warning, something IS technically wrong here. Twitter has the potential to do some real blogger damage. And I had been warned about the perils of twitter before, but now I get it.

We can’t let Twitter rip the blogging carpet out from under us.

We can’t let perfectly good posts with wonderfully descriptive sentences become chopped, edited and stunted into grammatically incorrect blurbs quickly forgotten and forever lost in some mindless twitter graveyard.

We can’t stop blogging for the quick, however empty, satisfaction of a fast tweet and a couple “@” replies.

We’re better than that, right?

Ok, ok. I know I am really just mad at myself for ignoring my blog. I have missed my time here. I really heart Morningside Mom and I am taking it out on twitter. And its hardly like I WON’T be tweeting now. (Snort, cha right.)

But if I have some time on my hands and a funny story to share, I need to prioritize my blog over twitter. And that goes for reading too. If I have some time on my hands to read, I need to prioritize my google reader over catching up on tweets. Content over 140 characters. Structure, description, real words, beginnings, middles and ends over an answer to the question “What are you doing right now?”

So twitter. I get you. I do. I kind of love you sometimes too. But my aim is to be a fabulous blogger and writer – not a totally popular, excessively followed micro-blogger. So while I will love you and enjoy you for what you are, I can’t let you kill blogging for me – or for any of us. I won’t let you. Even all those videos on MTV got old eventually. But the music never did.

In my mind and in my car

we can’t rewind, we’ve gone too far.

Pictures came and broke your heart

put the blame on VTR.

Video killed the radio star.

(By the way, this song is SO much better than its video. What the hell is that about? Was it very intentional irony? Really bad drugs? A limited budget? Or did the Buggles actually think their video was so damn cool and on point? Makes me wonder how many of us think our tweets are just as good as our blog posts. Something to consider. Check it out…)


#1 Lisa on 04.06.09 at 7:20 am

I love love love this post Caroline!! I am by no means a blog star, but I do have a family blog where I strain my thoughts and share tidbits with family and friends who are far away, and yes since twitter I am blogging much less.

I keep thinking I should sit down work out that interesting thought and blog and what do I do instead? Yup tweet it in 140 char. or less :)

Thanks for writing this …and this post was way better than a tweet about it!

#2 Alix on 04.06.09 at 11:53 am

My sentiments exactly. I do love Twitter, simply for the aspect that you can talk to directly to the blogger. I do use as a tool to post links to my blog posts but I don’t want it to take over my Blogging life. Its just that the twitterverse can be so consuming, you have to be careful. Great post!


#3 Florinda on 04.06.09 at 12:00 pm

You said this SO well – and it took a blog post, not Twitter, to say it :-). The immediate feedback that we sometimes get from Twitter is great, but it’s not as substantive as the discussion on blogs can be. I’ve been seeing a drop-off in posting activity among some of my favorite bloggers, and I know that a lot of them are active on Twitter, so it’s hard not to make a connection. I try to ration my Twitter time so that it doesn’t become a substitute for blogging, but then I feel like I’m missing conversation, so it’s hard – just one more thing to juggle.

But I’m like you – overall, I’d rather blog than tweet. Besides, I’m too long-winded to be a good micro-blogger anyway :-).

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#4 Sugar Jones on 04.07.09 at 6:54 pm

Oh. My. GOD! This is THE song… the song that started it all… I love love love Video Killed the Radio Star. And yeah, I couldn’t sing it enough!

Here’s the part that I think I hate the most about Twitter… I’ve stopped reading as many posts. Love your new header, but really skeered to even ask you how long it’s been up. I see you on Twitter and @ you all the time. But I really need to come visit you here, too.

Sugar Jones’s last blog post… Learning to Fly with Sugar

#5 Miss Britt on 04.08.09 at 11:47 am

I wonder if that’s how journalists feel about blogging…

Miss Britt’s last blog post… When families collide.

#6 ilinap on 04.09.09 at 6:31 pm

I hate that people consider Twitter microblogging. To me it’s just another way to communicate, not a replacement for blogging and writing. It’s more of a conversation and a snippet of a story, not the whole story. But you know me, I still love me some Twitter!

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