Sleet in Florida

There are certain things most of us don’t expect to see in our lifetimes. The sun rising in the west. Pigs flying. And snow falling in Florida.

Ok, so it was more like sleet.

I awoke very early Saturday morning to the strange sound of pinging and plunking in my kitchen. It was a sound I had never heard during my 5 years living in Florida. So I crept out to determine it’s cause. Yep, sleet was hitting the kitchen window. I stood there for a moment listening, trying to make my brain believe what I was hearing. Minutes later my three year old found his way into our bed claiming the noise was caused by “witches and ghosts” outside his window. This sound was clearly new to him too.

However, I know sudden frozen pricipitation in Florida is only a big deal because its a novelty. Not because any of this deserves a lick of sympathy. I mean really. Temperatures are expected to climb into the 70s later this week. Poor us.

But a novelty it is. Floridians are shamelessly all blown away. While plants and grass wither under its frozen hand, we are peering out from our chilly homes, snapping pictures and calling our families up north (however, still unable to impress any of them).

Here are some pictures my brother took in Orlando. I really had nothing to show for the sleet here in Tampa other than wet sidewalks and puffs of breath which astounded my children. But he did. So I’m ripping off his pics and posting them here.

Behold. A snow ball.


Icicles. On palm trees.


A beautiful novelty.


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#1 Beth on 01.10.10 at 4:17 pm

My son was amazed that you can see your breath when the air is cold enough. He can’t remember the one time he saw snow (he was 4 months old, so he’s excused), so all of this cold and stuff has been utterly amazing to him.

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