A Backyard Bobcat

Sometimes Groundhog Day offers you a surprise. Not that we are strangers to surprises in our yard. But still. I am beginning to wonder if I harp on the routine around here too much. And maybe I don’t always see the amazing and the unique when it passes me by. Maybe it takes a wild animal to clue me in. Maybe.

I was doing what I always do around 6:00pm – feeding my kids in the kitchen. Chicken, pasta, apple.

And I was saying the usual too.

“Sit in your seat, be sure to eat some apple too, I said SIT DOWN, would you like more milk… HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS THERE’S A BOBCAT!!!”

The next thing I said was…

“DUCK!” And we all ducked under the window.

I know how skittish these animals are. I’ve seen them before and have seen them bolt at any sign of human life (thank goodness considering… you know… my kids play back there everyday).

But I wanted a picture.

So I crawled over to my dining room table, snatched the camera out of my bag and peeked up out the window into my backyard. The bobcat was moving slowly up towards my house and would be passing the kitchen window in seconds. So we all scrambled back into the kitchen, giggling and anticipating. I froze with camera poised, the kids waited – and there it was. It froze too. Gave us this exact stare. And then scurried away.

Surprises. There’s nothing better. And maybe if I paid more attention to whats happening around me, I’d see more of them now and then. The little stuff and the big stuff can make a day more unique if you allow it to. Nothing like an afternoon bobcat to snap you out of it. Message received.


#1 Allison Zapata on 03.19.10 at 7:34 am

He’s so beautiful!!

#2 Karla on 03.19.10 at 9:38 am

He/She’s beautiful, but it makes me sad to think that there’s so little natural area left that wild animals have to roam the neighborhoods.

#3 Diane Davis on 03.22.10 at 5:38 am

I agree with Karla.
I am just happy that this bobcat was seen by someone as kind and sensitive as you are,who shot with a camera and not a gun.

#4 Elizabeth Channel on 03.22.10 at 11:37 am

Yikes! He looks rather largish!

#5 Al_Pal on 03.22.10 at 4:59 pm

Kittty! *squee*!
Heh. I’m so glad you got a photo! ;p
.-= Al_Pal´s last blog ..Sensitivity: I have it. =-.

#6 Becky on 10.28.14 at 7:36 pm

We need a lot more inhisgts like this!

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