Rescues, Butterflies, Hope

I have been watching the Chilean miner rescue today. Each man hauled up onto the surface seems like some kind of dusty, pulled from the ashes, impossibility. And it has taken my current list of worries, shaken them right out and put them exactly into perspective.

Not as if an amazing feat of miner retrieval will make my worries go away. But it reminds me that my family is healthy, that we are here, and that we are together.

These are such good things.

Right here on this computer screen as I type, a father folds his son into his arms after months trapped deep deep down below. After he somehow found his way out of a hole only 22 inches wide but dug as far down into the earth as two Empire State Buildings.

This is what makes our spirits dig and push and understand exactly what human nature is capable of. I hope I can be all that I am capable of. Truly.


The other day I saw this butterfly in my backyard. There was actually an impressive alligator sunning himself on a distant bank too and maybe I could have snapped a grainy pic of it in the evening sun. But I was compelled to bend down to my feet and look closely. This butterfly had caught my attention.

It wouldn’t fly away. Maybe it was hurt, I’m not sure. But I lay in the grass and snapped pictures. Because it was beautiful and something special. Then I carefully let it crawl onto my fingers, a game of baseball was in play and it had no hope if it stayed there in the grass.

And I set it on some butterfly friendly flowers in my small garden.

Did you read how the miners saw hope in a butterfly?

Hope is everywhere.


#1 Corina on 10.13.10 at 10:24 am

Hope is everywhere. I must remember this. Beautiful photos too.
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#2 Erika on 10.13.10 at 11:47 am

What a great post. Such an important reminder to keep perspective on things in our life. I needed this today!

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