How Vomit Can Inspire Women to Vote

Apparently women are too tired and fed up to vote. No really, that’s what they are saying. We are so sad about how badly things are going that we have shrugged our shoulders and given up on tomorrow’s election. Our expected apathy has GOP and Tea Party goers giddy and relaxed. If we don’t show, if we don’t rally like we did in the Presidential election, they have this election in the bag.

Now here is where I am going to talk about how a vomiting little boy has inspired this post.

The night before Halloween, my seven year old stumbled out of his room in a cold sweat, climbed into my lap on the couch and proceeded to upchuck his entire ravioli dinner all over my t-shirt. And it didn’t end there. He spent the rest of the night heaving into a bowl while curled next to me on my towel draped bed. The following morning, Halloween morning, he managed to power down some ice chips. But then his ashen face faded from gray to blazing pink. He had spiked a 103 degree fever. And trick or treating would begin in less than 6 hours.

So what happened? My son dug deep. He had faith that his parents had the answers. He believed with all his might that if he pushed himself to hydrate and took that nasty ibuprofen Mommy had hovering in front of him he would somehow get better.

Clearly, a surge of adrenaline and his crazed little boy drive to run door to door for candy in his X-ray Skeleton costume had lit a fire within. By the time the sun had set, he was fever free, jumping gleefully around the house and ready to give it all he had.

Predictably, after an incredible night of house to house antics, my son collapsed into bed at 9pm. His fever had returned but, with a plastic pumpkin overflowing with Skittle and Smarties and his costume crumpled in the bedroom corner, he was victorious.

We need a little of what my son had yesterday.

According to all kinds of polls rating how depressed and apathetic women are regarding this election, we are supposed to be staying home tomorrow. No election trick or treating for us. No sir. We will accept our pathetic, fevered, rather ill situation. We give up.

Studies are showing that when men get angry, they go do something. But when women get angry, they get super sad. And turn inward. And do… nothing.


One woman was quoted in the Huff Post as saying she doesn’t know where to turn now. There aren’t any real answers to our problems. And the financial issues are just… beyond us.

Um, ok. So let’s just stay home and do NOTHING.

Look, I get it. Do I have any flipping clue about how to fix our economy? Not so much. Am I feeling a little disillusioned by politics after seeing a democratic majority do so very little with what they had? Hell yeah. And does it make me ill to watch political commercial after commercial use the term “Obama liberal” like a four letter word? *shudder* YES.

So fine. Sometimes I just want to pretend our economy hasn’t gone to hell. Sometimes I want to completely ignore that more focus is being put on stopping our administration than working with it towards a constructive compromise. Sometimes I’d rather just tell cute stories about my kids, bake and be a mom.


But it’s not time to do nothing. Not now. Because I can bake and read Harry Potter to my kids AND vote AND care about my country all at the same time. Because women are multi-taskers. And we are smart. And we make a difference.

And women will not just stay home and pout about the state of our union. We won’t say we don’t feel so good about what’s going on. We won’t just – oh fiddle sticks, this politics thing is a pain in the ass, I’m going to go clip coupons – give up.

Like my son had faith in hydration and Motrin, we need to have faith that our vote will count. And our vote can make change happen, I swear to you. It takes time but WE CAN AFFECT CHANGE.

Don’t believe me?

“Women make up 51 percent of the population and 54 percent of voters—closer to 60 percent if measuring Democratic voters alone.”

Want to know more about this? Take a dose of “reality check” and read here about Why Women are Fed Up.

We need to show them.

We need to show them that we are mad. We have HAD IT. And we aren’t going to stay home and fold socks and internalize our worries because we don’t want to cause any trouble.

We need to show them we have power and we can stand up for what we deserve.

Don’t make these polls right. Don’t ignore and be passive and not care.



And watch this. Get inspired. Get mad as hell. You don’t have to take it anymore.

(Goosebumps, people.)


#1 ilinap on 11.01.10 at 8:05 am

Hell YES.

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#3 Faiqa on 11.01.10 at 10:41 am

This was wonderful… you’re absolutely right. Absolutely. Also, I’m suppressing the urge to rant about how SEXIST it is to assume that we’re going to cry ourselves to sleep on election day instead of voting because our delicate lady brains can’t handle reality. Oops, too late.

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#6 Jhgrant on 11.02.10 at 2:28 pm

Amen, sister. This … is me … lovin’ YOU! awesome post!

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