Best Local Blogger Nominee

Hold on. A nomination for best Local Blogger in Tampa?

Say what?

I’ve been typing away on this here blog for over four years now. By now, I consider this space on the internets my dear, sweet friend. From the start, it was a place to use my brain while I raised my babies, kick around a couple ideas and, most importantly, connect with others kind of like me. I’ve found friendship, adventure, cool products to try out, a love for social media and even, in a round about way, a job and new career.

But no matter what fun it has brought me and no matter how hard I’ve worked on this little blog of mine, it has always existed because it was fun and enjoyable and therapeutic for me. And if it wasn’t fun or seemed like too much work, I took a break. I write when the feeling moves me and don’t let anyone call the shots here but me.

So, when I get any kind of public recognition for the work I do here or the way that I connect with my community, I stop, look all around and then ask… “Who, me?”

It’s kind of like when I was 12 and lip-syncing to “Like A Virgin” in front of my dusty and stickered bedroom mirror. I thought I was pretty bad-ass, and if they were going to pick the coolest Madonna wanna-be then, well, that would be moi. But if someone were to storm into my room with a big smile and slap an award on my shirt and tell me I’m awesome for my unmatched Madonna lip-syncing skillz… I’d say exactly the same thing.

“Who me?”

The local CBS news affiliate WTSP and have nominated me as one of the best local bloggers in Tampa.

I am very honored. Really. I truly appreciate the recognition.

I like what I do here. But it’s all kind of blush-worthy when someone else OTHER than my wonderful (however, far from objective) family members like what I do here, too.


If you want to vote, click on the button below. Your recognition means more than you know.

If you feel the need, leave a comment so that I can thank-you properly, too.

Because it’s not everyday that something I do — simply for the sake of JOY — actually gets recognition. But when that day happens along, it is always a very good day.



#1 Tampa Bay Working Moms on 04.09.12 at 2:25 am

What a great feeling it must be! Good luck! You’ve got my vote!

#2 Tresa Kenkel on 04.09.12 at 8:11 am

Congrats, Caroline! I voted!
Love your blog and been reading it since before I met you! Good luck!

#3 Morningside Mom on 04.09.12 at 4:22 pm

Thank you for all of your support, Tampa Bay Working Moms and Tresa!!! I truly appreciate it. :)

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