How To Make A LEGO Birthday Cake (For Non-Crafty Parents Like Moi)

When you think of moms who are REALLY good at dreaming up and creating and hosting birthday parties… I should never, ever come to mind. I’ve made a fair attempt or two at it, of course. Haven’t we all? And my kids seemed pleased enough at each try I’ve made… sweet, naive little things.

(They don’t use Pinterest. They don’t know what it was all SUPPOSED to look like…)

This year, I pulled a favorite birthday party trick of mine and hosted yet ANOTHER bowling party for one of my sons. Oh yes, party planner included, air conditioning, pizza, little boys throwing round objects and intending destruction. It’s worth every single penny.

But, mom-guilt took a stab at me and I figured I should try to do something original, hand-made and heartfelt for him, right?

Here is my attempt.

And the only reason I am sharing this with you is that I want to offer hope and help to any other parents out there who think they should try to make a cake for their kids but fear it will suck out loud and wind up pinned on someone’s “What NOT To Do For My Child’s Birthday” Pinterest page.

Because, if I can do this… (cue friends’ murmurs of agreement)… then ANYONE can.

This one is a shout-out for the non-crafty. You can do it!

How To Make A Lego Birthday Cake

1) Buy:

  • Cheap box cake (and ingredients as directed)
  • Cheap vanilla icing
  • Cheap food dye (don’t get scared)

2) Find:

  • A loaf pan (5.5 x 10.5, I think)
  • A mini-muffin pan (I don’t know what size, but not the one for normal-sized muffins, it’s made for smaller, mini-ones… you know what I mean, right?)
  • Spray-stuff (so nothing sticks)
  • A regular Lego (see above) to be used for artistic inspiration and direction

3) Follow cake directions and fill the thoroughly (and I mean thoroughly) sprayed/greased loaf pan with the combined cake ingredients. Use about two thirds of the cake batter.

4) Fill the thoroughly sprayed/greased mini-muffin pan with the rest of the batter. Don’t fill them completely, no more than half-way up works fine.

5) Bake as directed. *FAIL ALERT!* The muffin pan will be baked earlier so watch it carefully! The loaf pan may take a little longer than expected. Use the knife test to make sure it’s done.

6). Once they have cooled, flip the loaf pan over and carefully slide it out. *FAIL ALERT!* Don’t screw this up! You need the bottom of the loaf to come out in the shape of a clean rectangle.

7) If the top of the loaf is too rounded, carefully slice the top off to make it flat (only if necessary) and then flip it over so that the top is the bottom. The rectangle side/bottom of the loaf is the top of the cake. (Makes perfect sense, right?)

8) Pop the mini-muffin cupcakes out. Carefully slice the rounded tops of 8 muffins off, make sure they are flat.

9) Get out the vanilla icing. Scoop it into a bowl. Squeeze the yellow (or the Lego color you prefer) food dye into the icing. Mix by hand until it is the color you want. I added a tiny drop of red to make it less “lemony” colored but *FAIL ALERT* be careful. It looked a little peach-ish until I dumped all the yellow in. (Phew, so relieved that worked, who’s heard of a peach-colored Lego)…

10) Ice the loaf, rectangle-side up. It works best when the cake and the icing are cool.

11) Place 8 sliced mini-muffin cupcakes bottom-side up onto the iced the cake. The icing should keep them in place. Use a Lego as a model to get it to sit just right.

12) *FAIL ALERT* Carefully ice the muffins, too, once you have them placed on the cake. This is the most annoying part of the process. Go slowly, get it all covered and then smooth each muffin once it’s all iced.

13) Moms that don’t live in fear of small plastic shapes choking their children could add clean Legos around the side. Your paranoia, your choice.

14) Once you’re done, eat ALLLLLL the mini-muffin cupcake tops. *FAIL ALERT* Muffin tops create muffin tops on moms. Rocking one proudly today.

Good luck to all the parents out there. Just remember this:

  • It’s cheaper than a store cake.
  • Making a cake for your child is obvious PROOF that you love them, for real.
  • The condescending smiles and “ooooh aren’t you CUTE to try that” just mean that they are just JEALOUS you had the ovaries/sack to try this. WORD.


#1 IlinaP on 06.12.12 at 5:08 pm

Bookmarking and attempting for my son’s 7th birthday in a couple weeks!
IlinaP´s last blog post ..Toasting Art and Ray Bradbury – 5:00 Fridays

#2 Born27 on 06.18.12 at 6:18 am

How i wish i can do the same too. I’ve added your link to my list of cake recipes. Thanks for sharing this with us! Love it!
Born27´s last blog post ..what is teleconferencing

#3 Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice on 06.27.12 at 6:30 am

I’ve made this (but with marshmallows) for my son’s last two birthdays. I’ve discovered that once I stick some lego figures on top, no one cares how messy the frosting may be. Takes tons of patience, but gives back tons of little boy smiles.
Kerry Ann @Vinobaby’s Voice´s last blog post ..Review: There’s a Puma in the Kitchen and Other Unexpected Tales of Motherhood

#4 Belindsa Stroming on 06.27.12 at 9:08 am

wow! that lego cake is really awesome! wish you can stack them over each other to create a house of lego cake ! =)
Belindsa Stroming´s last blog post ..Plantation Dentists

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