Meet Mega Mom

My six year old got into a heap of Legos yesterday. And he created a new villain in Lego City. I finally sat down and learned the details. I wrote them down as he chattered away next to me, staring at this figure very intently.

Meet Mega-Mom.

She is not a giant but she is a SUPER evil villain. Like, really evil.

When she was first made, she smashed the whole entire Lego City. She made the electricity go out a lot.

It was bad.

Everyone is really afraid of her.

So, they had to make another super hero called Mega Dad. Mega Dad is the strongest and he defeats Mega Mom.

But, Mega Mom survived because Mega Dad got defeated in the third battle.

Mega Mom wants the jewel that is a dice. She wants to smash it and the whole city will blow up automatically.

But when the weapons fall out of her hands, she turns into a regular mom. A GOOD mom.

My take-away?

Fear your mother. Sure, Daddy is always a super hero. But he’ll never truly be able to overcome the evil powers of MEGA MOM.




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