Pinterest Reviews: Shower Floor Cleaner

I have been on a pinning rampage recently. Like so many others, pinning for me has replaced that no-think time when you curl up on the coach and read a magazine. Except that it is free, covers every topic you love, requires no paper and keeps what you want to try carefully organized for you.

Well, today I decided to put some pins to task. What IF they worked as well as they promised?

Here is the first pin that got me oh-so-hopeful (via The Craft Patch).

Here is my shower floor (criiinge, this is embarrassing…) BEFORE I tried it:

And then I followed the steps exactly. And waited about 2 hours. The house reeked, by the way. My kids ran outdoors and yelled that it made them gag. I didn’t care. I was too damn hopeful.

After the two hours had passed, I went in and started wiping. Nothing. Then I started scrubbing. HARD. I went Mr. Miagi, wax-on-wax-off on that shower floor. I really tried. I really, REALLY wanted it to work.

Here it is AFTER I was done. (And by done, I mean that my arm was shaking.)

OK. Well. If you squint, maybe you can see an improvement. …Maybe? I’m not sure.

I will say that I sprayed that stuff on my glass shower door and it DID work. Well. Not 100% but the scum is mostly gone. But my floor is really still pretty gross.

Granted, this is a tough one to try it on. I have tried everything over the past years to get a clean shower floor. Bleach, CLR, Soft Scrub. Nothing does it. So. Maybe it was too much to ask for. But I also tried it on my kids’ tub and I didn’t see much of an improvement either (and that tub is a lot cleaner… looking).

Final recommendation: A house stinking of vinegar just wasn’t worth the (slight?) improvement that I saw. Oh well.

I probably just need to rip the whole shower out and start over anyway.


#1 Elaine on 09.30.12 at 2:18 pm

Caroline: are you sure that the shower floor is dirty? Could it be etched/scratched? Nothing is fixing a scratched floor.

I did once have a bathtub that would NOT come clean from those bath crayons…I finally got the stains out with Goo Gone (the orange oil stuff, straight from the bottle) scrubbed on with a Magic Eraser.

#2 Dallas on 09.30.12 at 2:40 pm

The vinegar will MOSTLY work if you leave it long enough. My parents moved into a repossessed trailer, and the guy that owned it before had put his motorcycle engine in the freaking bathtub. Mom tried EVERYTHING. Then finally put the plug in the drain, dumped a whole jug of vinegar in the tub, and then let it soak overnight. Most of it was gone.

#3 Dallas on 09.30.12 at 2:41 pm

I guess I should add that most of the GREASE was gone…lol. The motorcycle engine wasn’t still in the bathtub, but it had totally stained the bathtub with grease. lol
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#4 Morningside Mom on 09.30.12 at 3:38 pm

Awesome feedback, thanks everyone! I need to keep trying. Dallas, a whole night of vinegar? Shudder. Might be worth trying if it works. I have yet to try Magic Eraser and, I have to wonder, that thing never lets me down…

#5 anita ellen allbee on 10.06.12 at 3:49 am

I have a bottom shower area of a friend’s that I’m too trying to get cleaner. It’s gross & stained marked. I will try this next…….equal amount of water with hydrogen peroxide & add double amount of cream of tartar ( have some extra left from snickerdoodle cookies made ). I just read this idea earlier on internet. I’ve tried Bleach, Clorox-Clean Up, CLR, Lime Away, Comet, Bab-O, White Vinegar, Baking Soda, and recently toothpaste. I can say for grass stains from kids clothes or baseball uniforms if you use toothbrush & scrub in the original white paste of colgate it removes all grass stains then just wash as usual. It too all of it out of the uniform I washed. I’ve used just peroxide on shower doors and a dry cloth……… water & it got all build up off. Don’t give up !!!!

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