My Job as Me



Ethel Barrymore

Name: Caroline (or TCMom around these parts)

Age: 37 but birthdays no longer count since 2002 when I turned the perfect age of 29.

Married: Oh yeah, happily to B. In 1996 and at the wee age of 23, he tried scamming on me in a bar. It worked.

Hometown: Washington D.C., Eastham, MA., Mbabane, Swaziland and on it goes… As a foreign service brat, I spent half of my childhood in Africa in such countries as Tunisia, Somalia, Swaziland and Mozambique. Bet my high school was nothing like yours – no, I never had a prom and I’m completely ok with that.

Residence: Tampa, Florida; deep in the heart of ‘Truman Show’ style suburbia where the mail boxes are identical, the sun is always shining, and in everyone mows their lawns on Sundays.

Children: T. (8) and C. (5). They’re perfect, wonderful boys. And unless I experience a lobotomy or actually win the elusive million on Deal or No Deal, we don’t plan on having any more. And yes, I would have loved a daughter but I’m over it. Life gives you what it gives you – be blessed, be grateful… and move on.

Political Views: Very liberal.


  • Blogger and Freelance Writer:

What does that mean exactly? I write here my personal blog Morningside Mom. I have also been the Tampa City Editor at Savvy,  a Premium Parent Blogger for Dr. Smith’s Diaper Ointment, an Official Buggin’ Blogger for the educational toy company Insect Lore, and the Liberal Moms Editor at Type A Moms. Apart from writing about the everyday calamities occurring in my household, I have also written editorials for Tampa Woman Magazine, various online articles, posts, you name it about parenting, politics, women’s interests, local happenings for children, international perspectives and everything in between.

And, if the product is one I feel comfortable supporting, I do write reviews. I also enjoy supporting important causes on my blog.  Check out my review work (such as my work with HP) and the causes I have supported here.

Oh and just to establish a tiny bit of street cred, this blog was voted as Tampa’s Best Parenting Blog at Nick Jr.’s Parents Connect, The Work at Home Woman named Morningside Mom one of the 50 Best Blogs By Women, and Southern Living named me Mama Blogger of the Week . I am also featured in the new book by Joanne Bamberger (aka PunditMom), “Mothers of Intention: How Women & Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America”.

Please contact me for writing opportunities, reviews, or any other reason at morningsidemom(at)gmail(dot)com.

  • Writer

After 8 years at home with my kids, and then regrouping and finding a new career via social media, blogging and freelance writing, I have gone back to work full-time. I work for a fantastic company close to home and spend my days connecting with clients, writing blog posts for them, and representing their companies on their various social media platforms. Cool, right?

  • (And somehow, I’m someone’s) Mom:

Chef, driver, complaints desk, sanitation worker, camp counselor, teacher, rules committee, entertainer, personal trainer, language counselor, master of snuggles, playdate arranger, potty trainer, fashion consultant, personal shopper, nutritionist, positive reinforcer, manager of corner sitting, referee, on call 24 hours, nurse, health advocate, educational consultant, weight lifter, bartender, sleep specialist, female Wiggle, ultimate multi-tasker, routine enforcer, AND THE BOSS OF EVERYONE.

Balancing both work and parenting have become the basis of many recent posts, of course. This is a strange new world, to be sure. But (… don’t tell my kids ok?), I actually don’t miss the daily “stay at home mom hustle and bustle” quite as much as I thought I would. Using my brain all day feels really, really good. Because, in my opinion, staying home with children may be one of the hardest jobs there is. So, this balance is just… right.

Ok, well. Thanks for reading. Now off you go. Really. You know WAY too much about me now… and its kind of freaking me out.